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Harvesting data: Farmers go digital

As Wisconsin farmers plant crops this spring, perched in the cabs of big tractors rolling through their fields, the words “capturing data” probably wouldn’t be used to describe the bucolic scene. Yet increasingly, that is what’s happening as farmers monitor in real time the planting and harvesting of their crops—capturing data that is analyzed for the purpose of boosting production and profits. Modern agriculture, like other industries, is plugged into the world of big data. Moreover, some farmers are capitalizing on the information gleaned from their fields by selling it to agribusinesses such as seed and chemical companies.

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Ohio Telecom Association showcases home of the future

The home of the future will have high-definition moving picture screens instead of windows, smart beds that track your sleeping patterns, landscape monitoring systems that use weather forecasts to tell you when to water your lawn, and door locks that can be operated with your smartphone. These technologies were on display Wednesday outside the Statehouse on a three-story bus that also showcased automotive, health, wearable and city-planning innovations. The visit was part of the Smarter World Tour sponsored by the Ohio Telecom Association and NXP Semiconductors.

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Asim Haque sworn in as PUCO chairman

Asim Haque was sworn in today as Public Utilities Commission of Ohio chairman, saying that the panel "regulates the basic infrastructure that sustains our lives and this economy." Haque, 36, of Columbus, has served on the five-member PUCO since 2013, and now has become chairman after being appointed by Gov. John Kasich. He replaces Andre Porter, who resigned to take a job in Indiana.

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Online connections to let some central Ohioans see the doctor from home

Screening might soon take on a whole new meaning for you and your family doctor. Starting Nov. 2, four OhioHealth-employed doctors will see a small number of their established patients for primary-care visits via video and online consultations.

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